Jim Kent:

"Human change initiatives must work at social, economic, and ecological levels if they are to succeed."

Forthcoming Trend Report on Pacific Rim

Posted by Jim on October 13, 2010

News from Jim:

A new social, biological and economic strategy will be forthcoming from JKA on the future of the Pacific Rim. In working with developing the white paper on the Marine move from Okinawa to Guam, I discovered some fresh insights and trends that will be encouraging news for Hawaii and especially Honolulu. So stay tuned for a new paradigm look at the future of this hub of the Pacific.

To give you insight into what is coming the map below is the geographic area of the Pacific Rim in what our human geographic mapping company, Natural Borders, calls a Global Resource Unit (GRU).  Most maps that are familiar to us are of the Euro Centric world view where North and South America are on the left and Europe is on the right, and the view of the Pacific is totally marginalized. This map show the vision of the world from a Pacific Centric view. The map hangs in the Hawaii County Administrative office in Kona.  It is used extensively by futurists, businesses and people concerned with geographic grounded public policy .


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