Jim Kent:

"Human change initiatives must work at social, economic, and ecological levels if they are to succeed."

From Stabilization to Sustainability: A Collaborative Approach to Manage the Social, Cultural, Environmental and Economic change created by the Marine Corps’ move to Guam

Posted by Jim on October 13, 2010



From Stabilization to Sustainability 

How do we manage the Marine units’ move from Okinawa to Guam in a way that supports the existing cultures of Guam, insures that ecological functions are sustained and enhanced, while also fostering social and economic health of the local communities?  Guam is a unique bio-social ecosystem that will be impacted physically, biologically, socially, and economically by the relocation of approximately 20,000 Marines and their families to Guam. Change initiatives which purport to foster sustainability require that certain key functions be in place.  Dr. Kent discussed five key action steps that offered a realistic and effective mitigation, creating an environment of harmony and respect so that all sectors can participate in, and benefit from the change.  (see www.jkagroup.com, publications, what’s new)


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