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Open Source, Gov 2.0: Very Compelling

Posted by Harley Powers Parks on March 25, 2010

Open Government
Title: Open Government
Author(s): Daniel Lathrop, Laurel Ruma
Publisher:O’Reilly Media
Released: February 2010
Cost: $44.99

I have just started reading “Open Government” and I am already thinking I need to buy this book for my friends in government and expense it. I really would like to see a lot of comments on this book, before I finish it, because I don’t completely want to believe the author’s take on where US is going.

However, I will just post before really getting into this book, I might need to retract my comments. So please read on with this in mind.

As the book starts off in the first person, I hear Mr. Lathrop, and then another author chimes in, then another as this is a collection and a discussion of ground breaking ideas.
However, I am on the edge of my seat as the young and talented authors expression and thought pour out of these pages. I am suspicious on where this is going and what he/she is selling…. which is to get me to think of Government as a Platform.

My perspective, I don’t really like what happened during the dot com bubble and I am disappointed with all of the start ups promising glory and the investors who seem to have been suckered. I am not an expert on any of it, but during this time I really was wondering why the old timers where buying into the kids selling cracked ideas. While so many of us Spatial IT types where cutting amazing ground, but there was less interest in pulling in grounded concepts than the high world changing smoke and mirrors.

Okay, I am jealous, but I have heard of so many stories of Computer Science grades with zero experience, spending a week or two, creating a webpage and a database, and selling it for millions. I suspect the whole event was more of a hacking of wall street, through the ingenuity and genius of the DotCom’ers.

I can’t put it down, I need to know where this is leading, it sounds like great ideas, but still I am not sure. This better not be Cool-Aid.

Gov 2 point O?

I am already believing he might be right, maybe he is.

We need to be clear, we need to test this, we need to debate this before buying in.

Radical Thoughts, Life Changing Ideas.

I hope US is ready.


Harley Powers Parks

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